Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access my unit? 

You may access the storage facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, with your personalized, private gate code.  

Is there a minimum rental term?

The minimum length of time is one month.  You can stay as long as you wish. We do require a written 10-day notification, prior to vacating your unit.  

Who provides the lock for the storage unit door?

You do!  Advantage Rentals will not supply your lock.  It will be your responsibility to lock your door and safeguard your padlock key.  

How do I pay for my storage unit?
Advantage Rentals accepts credit cards and ACH debit payments.  You will select and set up your form of payment through our website
How do I contact Advantage Rentals?
Our phone number is (319) 665-2997.  Our address is 760 Liberty Way North Liberty, Iowa 52317.  Email us at
There is a problem with my unit. What can I do?
Please call our office to report a problem.
My personal keypad code no longer works. What can I do?
This may occur if your account has an overdue balance. You can check your account balance through our website.  When you make a payment and bring your account to current, your personal code will be unlocked. Please call our office if you have confirmed your account is active and you still cannot enter the facility.


How do I cancel my lease?
We request a written 10-day notice prior to your vacating a storage unit.  You can cancel your lease at any time. You can do so by sending a message through our website or contacting our office via phone or email.
Do I need insurance for my belongings?
We encourage you to insure your personal property and belongings.  We do not offer insurance for you. You will work through your insurance provider to purchase your own policy.  

I want to transfer units. What do I do?
You would follow the move out guidelines for your current unit and rent your new storage unit through the website.

Is there a deposit on a storage unit?

Yes, 10x20 units have a refundable $60.00 deposit, to be returned when your storage unit is vacated, completely cleaned and swept out, and no damage has been done to the unit.  For RV Parking spaces, your deposit will be $30.00 and will be returned when all materials are removed from the space.
I lost the key to my lock. What should I do?
You are responsible for having your lock removed to regain entry into your storage unit.  Remember, to keep this a secure facility, you cannot share your personal gate key code with anyone.  You will need to accompany the locksmith to your unit.

Are there any restrictions on what can be stored in a storage unit?

You are not allowed to store hazardous or flammable materials at the facility. Any materials that are a danger to our tenants, their belongings, or the facility are not allowed.  

May I hang items in my storage unit?

No, you are not to tamper with the walls, ceiling or flooring structure in any way.  

If I have multiple storage units, will I need multiple gate keypad codes?

No, you will receive one keypad code per customer.

May I request my personalized own gate keypad code?

No, unfortunately, the code assigned to you must be retained and used throughout your rental period.  

Will you provide my lock for my storage unit?

No, you will need to supply your own personal lock, and will be responsible for your key.  You will also be responsible for fees associated with needing to have your lock removed if needed.  

Is there a late fee, if I miss my payment?

Yes, a $26.00 late fee will be automatically applied to your account if your balance is not paid in full, four days past your due date.

I have paid my past due balance, when will my gate code be reactivated?

Your gate code will be unlocked within 24 hours of payment receipt.   

Are these units climate controlled?

No, there is no conditioning of the storage space.